Why You’re Crazy to Spend on SEM but Not A/B Testing

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If you’re spending money to bring people to your site, you should be doing everything in your power to maximize the chance that those people do what you want in return.

A/B testing the landing pages you send paid traffic to is the thing most within your power—the easiest to implement with the highest value—that will increase your return out of your investment in SEM.

12 Obvious and Not-So-Obvious A/B Test Ideas for Online Retailers

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Product page views, adding to cart, completing individual steps within the checkout funnel, completed purchases, average order value, and revenue per visitor are all metrics that matter for an online retail website. We have 12 ideas for experiments that are tailored to the conversion goals of an online retailer.

Each idea is a link to a full blog post with more detail and additional test ideas.