A/B Testing for Validation, Not Conversions


As a strategic optimization consultant, it’s my job to help companies generate A/B test ideas that will either increase conversion rates or help answer questions. Sometimes, when I offer a test idea, I hear this reply: “We can’t test that because it would require too much work on our backend,” or “We would never design our page like this variation so we won’t test it.”

My response: still test it.

How USA Today Can Increase Pageviews on Free Content with A/B Testing


For media sites like USA Today that don’t require a paying subscription, the challenge is to find ways to make it as easy and compelling as possible to spend more time on the site because engagement (e.g. pageviews) is the key to driving higher revenue. Increased site engagement is the key to driving higher revenue through ad impressions.
There are a few key places publishers with free content, such as usatoday.com, can test to increase pageviews. Let’s dive in.

25 Ways A/B Testing Can Optimize The Wall Street Journal’s Paywall


The Wall Street Journal is a well-known example of an online publisher who uses the pay-for-content approach—one of the business models publishers use today to drive revenue online. If you go to wsj.com and quickly scan the top half of the homepage, you’ll see that substantially more than half of their primary articles require a paid subscription to read (as indicated by the key symbol). Here are 25 ideas for A/B tests they can run across two pages to increase subscriptions.

Welcome to Testing Hero Boot Camp

This could be you.

Faster than an airplane, more powerful than a locomotive, impervious to bullets! Up in the sky – look! It’s a giant bird! It’s a plane! It’s an OPTIMIZELY TESTING HERO! Grab your cape and call up your sidekick, folks. Whether you’re an e-retailer preparing for the holiday season or an online publisher trying to increase […]