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Movember Drives 28,000 More Mo’ Bros with an A/B Test

Movember Logo

Take an imaginary trip with me to the date November 1st. If your office is like many in the U.S., it will probably be buzzing with stories from yesterday’s Halloween festivities. But if your office is like mine, then a new buzz will have taken hold and be growing rapidly. I don’t mean any gossip on best/worst costumes. I mean hair on the upper lip. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s Movember.

How My Startup Achieved Huge Business Growth By A/B Testing

Keep It Simple

As a young marketer, I am always looking for that giant growth opportunity, one that is going to wow the Board of Directors, or my CEO. Oftentimes, we as marketers want to immediately turn to the idea of something completely fresh—an entirely new campaign or a new tool we think will give us an edge over our competitors. More often than not however, the big changes we are looking for are actually small hacks that could be found with some simple A/B tests.’s Secret Weapon: Great Website Testing

codedotorg_hour_of_code is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing computer science education every student and school in the United States. It’s also one of the hottest companies in education right now, with supporters and superfans you may have heard of: President Obama, Chris Bosh, Shakira, Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher. A company by the name of Google—just to mention a few.

By testing, they generated 12 million more sign-ups to their Hour of Code campaign. Here’s a video of how they did it.