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Optimizely Now Talks to Salesforce via Bizible


Starting today, you’ll be able to access Optimizely experiment information in Salesforce. This is thanks to an exciting new integration with Bizible.

The Optimizely/Bizible integration allows Salesforce users to do two things:

1. see the experiment associated with a lead and a contact in Salesforce.
2. run reports on this information.

[Case Study] SmartWool Sells More Socks With A/B Testing

smartwool logo png

It’s not too difficult for an experienced conversion optimization consultant to look at a horrid web design and have a strong feeling as to what changes will result in higher conversion rates. But when the original design is beautiful and already nails best practices, even expert intuition is good for nothing more than a hypothesis. Testing is essential. This was the case with SmartWool.