How To A/B Test Price When You Have A Sales Team

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One key element of an experience to A/B test is price. Steven Sinofsky, a board member at Andreessen Horowitz recently wrote that, “Nothing is more critical to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business than pricing strategy.” I totally agree and experimenting is a key piece of pricing strategy. Testing things like how price is displayed, amount to charge, and how often is all part of the puzzle.

This post will walk you through our price test: how we answered each of these questions by setting it up in Optimizely, adding experiment details into Salesforce, and what we learned so you can run A/B experiments on your price too.

3 Essential Steps to Drive Revenue & Conversions from Pinterest

Pinterest on iPhone

Smart marketers know that Pinterest is a valuable social media channel. In fact, one study found that Pinterest drives more traffic to media websites than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google+ combined.

The referral traffic opportunity from Pinterest is massive. But many companies are unclear about how and whether to develop a Pinterest-meets-conversion strategy. This blog post will explore ways to drive traffic to your site from Pinterest.

Is “Pay without the wait” Working for OpenTable?


OpenTable was recently acquired by Priceline in a deal that valued the online reservation system at $2.6 billion.

They recently launched the ability to pay your bill with the same app you use to make your reservation.This new service is presently being rolled out in San Francisco only, with some new in-app banners to spread the good word to hungry Bay Area residents. Let’s take a look at how OpenTable can experiment with the launch strategy for their “Pay with OpenTable” feature.