The Problem With A/B Testing Success Stories

Truth Torn Paper

Like many, I learned about the principles and practicalities of A/B testing from online articles and resources. From the time I was first introduced to split testing, I’ve made conversion optimization my full-time profession.

A year later, I noticed something alarming about the stories I was once so excited to read: success stories about A/B testing are bad for you.

Continue reading to learn why they’re bad, how to reverse their damage, and how to multiply the value of your tests without the help of success stories…

Safely Roll Out Your Next New iOS Feature


One important and time consuming task is pre-meeting research. Whether for an interview or sales meeting, researching a person or a company before a meeting takes a lot of time because the information is usually scattered in many locations. To help me efficiently complete this task I use Refresh.

In this Teardown Tuesday, I’ll look at how Refresh may be able to increase retention and time spent on application by rolling out new calendar features through testing.

For People Who Need Help Memorizing Their Coworkers’ Names


Employees at extremely fast growing companies have an exciting opportunity to meet many smart, interesting new people. This also presents a challenge: memorizing their names. It might seem impossible after you reach a certain size and have multiple offices around the world. Maybe knowing everyone is unrealistic, but at least we can strive to match a name with a face.

During our last hack sprint, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that could help us recognize (and maybe even get to know) each other?

Why We Make Time to Hack

Kicking off our second hackathon, a

We held our first week-long hackathon this past spring. It was a week where anybody at Optimizely could work on anything they wanted. The results were outstanding with 20 hacks presented to the entire organization.

This week was so good, our ambitions were so high, the only thing we needed at the end of that week was another one… Enter Hack Sprint.