New Features in iOS 8 Developers Need to A/B Test

iOS 8 preview

iOS 8 is upon us. While developers have been busy brainstorming and building creative ways to use new features like interactive notifications, Touch ID APIs, app extensions, and other exciting changes (which we’ll dig into later), the tech world is waiting to hear from a very important stakeholder in this release: the user.

The Impact of Symmetry in Online Marketing


You may have heard that keeping your ad consistent with your landing page is good. But is that a myth? And if it isn’t, how can you quantify the impact of this symmetry? In early 2013, we performed an experiment on our Pay Per Click landing page aimed at answering these questions.

Our goal was more to answer an interesting question than to find a conversion lift, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover that making our landing page mirror our ads led to a tremendous lift in conversions.