What Does it Mean to Be a Growth Marketer?

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From conversations with our customers, we’ve learned that some folks who do A/B testing also have day-to-day responsibilities ranging from SEO to front end development to content marketing. But, it’s apparent that the folks who do conversion optimization have one thing in common: an obsession with growth. Their work directly contributes to company growth and impacts wins and fails. In essence, everyone who practices A/B testing and optimization is a Growth Marketer.

We’re curious about what it means to be a Growth Marketer… So we’re asking you.

Key Elements of Delightful Connected Experiences Across Web and Mobile

Connected experiences across web and mobile

What do excellent experiences across web and mobile look like? They are consistent, seamless, available, and context specific across channels. As people move from web to mobile app, they are able to pick up where they left off. The company’s voice, tone and brand should be consistent whether a customer is using an app or laptop. The experience between platforms should be continuous.

This type of connectivity is an aspiration for many businesses, a goal that may seem unattainable due to technical constraints. Whether or not you can achieve this level of connectivity today, understanding the key elements and examples of great web to mobile experiences is a great place to start.

5 Ways Phased Rollouts Will Protect Your iOS App

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Have you ever deleted an iPhone app you paid for? I have, albeit very begrudgingly. The app was Rise, an alarm clock that made waking up beautiful. I used it all the time, until they released an update that made it crash every time.

The buggy-release-causes-backlash-of-reviews-leads-to-better-release-to-fix-bugs scenario is pretty common. The point here is that these kinds of releases don’t have to be so common…thanks to phased rollouts.

5 Traits of Best-in-Class Optimization Teams


What are your best customers doing?

That is the #1 question I hear from customers on a day-to-day basis. How do others companies do optimization and testing? It’s a great question.

Based on thousands of interactions with Optimizely customers and four years of enterprise enablement, I can confidently point to five traits that all best-in-class optimization teams possess…

The Problem With A/B Testing Success Stories

Truth Torn Paper

Like many, I learned about the principles and practicalities of A/B testing from online articles and resources. From the time I was first introduced to split testing, I’ve made conversion optimization my full-time profession.

A year later, I noticed something alarming about the stories I was once so excited to read: success stories about A/B testing are bad for you.

Continue reading to learn why they’re bad, how to reverse their damage, and how to multiply the value of your tests without the help of success stories…