Unconventional Places to Find Ideas for Your Next A/B Test

Investigator searching for data with magnifying glass

Before you can come up with meaningful A/B tests for your e-commerce store, you need to understand what your customers value when making purchases and what turns them away. The traditional method of collecting customer feedback via surveys has drawbacks.

Other, more unconventional, sources of information exist that can be extremely helpful in generating ideas for A/B tests. They are your customer service records, public forums, competitor data, and internal search keywords.

How HubSpot Personalizes Every Customer Touchpoint

Customer Concept

At HubSpot, optimization is something we focus on every single day. It helps us deliver more engaging experiences to our customers and see greater returns on the content we push across our marketing channels.

We test and personalize just about everything. Here are a few examples of experiments we’ve run that have measurably improved our marketing programs.

Why Prioritizing Social Responsibility Will Strengthen Your Startup

Team of volunteers picking up trash

At first glance, “doing good” might seem impossible for today’s tech startup. When you’re staying up into the wee hours of the morning to ship features and investors are your main source of revenue, thinking about your social impact strategy might seem impractical.

Thankfully, we’re seeing more and more companies ditch the t-shirt clad garbage picking in favor of experimental, integrated approaches to social impact. Here are 4 ways your startup can prioritize social responsibility.

3 Ways Munchery’s App Can Increase Order Speed

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After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is cook a meal and do the dishes. My stomach is growling and hangry persona is about to make an appearance. I’m craving something that seems home-cooked.

In this Teardown Tuesday, I’ll highlight some A/B test ideas which will make it easier for a hangry Munchery user like me to get food into the belly faster! These 3 test suggestions are intended to make it easier for a user to navigate the menu and add dishes to checkout.