21 Ideas to Increase Revenue From Your Online Store


The bad news: If you have an e-commerce website, mobile site, or mobile app, it’s likely that up to 72% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing a purchase in your store.

The good news: This post (and a little optimization) will help you fix that.

Here at Optimizely, we work with a number of retail teams who are experimenting with new and unique ways to drive revenue from their online stores. I recently spoke with several of these retailers and others experts to learn about their successes and failures, and have combined my findings into our latest long read: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Online Store.

This post summarizes some of the test ideas retailers have found most impactful for optimizing the experience they deliver shoppers.

Split Test Ideas for Urban Outfitters’ Checkout Funnel


In a world where online shoppers are bombarded with options, one thing an online retailer can do to gain a competitive advantage is make it as easy as possible to buy their products.

The series of pages a shopper must complete to purchase the item—the checkout funnel—is the closest place to actual purchase event, and usually filled with friction. Improving the experience, and likelihood that a shopper will actually checkout is only possible through experimentation (aka split testing).

Brave New World for Online Retail: 3 Trends to Watch in 2014


It’s mid January, the time of year where the top retailers are convening under one roof at the National Retail Federation Convention and nearly every company with anything to say is outlining for you, the reader, their predictions for 2014.

For online retailers, 2014 will be a year of getting acquainted with mobile, learning from the web-first retailer and using big data to delight customers. The retailers who approach these trends via optimization and testing will have a lasting competitive advantage.

How Chrome Industries Uses Data to Build Great Experiences [VIDEO]


Website optimization is changing the way Chrome Industries does digital marketing. That’s thanks to Chrome’s Director of e-Commerce, Kyle Duford, who brought Optimizely into Chrome’s digital marketing arsenal in early 2013. In a video filmed at Chrome’s office/showroom in downtown San Francisco, Kyle explains why relying on data is critical to the growth of their online business.

[Case Study] SmartWool Sells More Socks With A/B Testing

smartwool logo png

It’s not too difficult for an experienced conversion optimization consultant to look at a horrid web design and have a strong feeling as to what changes will result in higher conversion rates. But when the original design is beautiful and already nails best practices, even expert intuition is good for nothing more than a hypothesis. Testing is essential. This was the case with SmartWool.

12 Obvious and Not-So-Obvious A/B Test Ideas for Online Retailers

number 12

Product page views, adding to cart, completing individual steps within the checkout funnel, completed purchases, average order value, and revenue per visitor are all metrics that matter for an online retail website. We have 12 ideas for experiments that are tailored to the conversion goals of an online retailer.

Each idea is a link to a full blog post with more detail and additional test ideas.

E-commerce Test Idea: Default Sort Order on Category Pages


When I search for tents on REI.com, I’m presented with pages upon pages of results for items matching my query. The order in which these items are sorted when I first see the results is important—the quicker I see an item that matches what I’m looking for, the better. Would a different default sort order compel me to engage with content and click-through to product pages at a higher rate? Should items be sorted differently based on a unique visitor segment that I can be categorized into?