Announcing the Optimizely Private Beta!

Today we’re excited to announce the private beta launch of Optimizely. Our goal is to make it absurdly simple to run A/B tests on your website.

Optimizely grew out of my experience as the Director of Analytics on the Obama Presidential Campaign. While there, my team spent hundreds of hours testing different copy and designs for the campaign’s online fundraising efforts. Our efforts really paid off: overall our tests directly led to more than $60 million raised during the election that we would not have raised without testing. However, we were constantly frustrated at the limitations of the popular testing tools we worked with. In fact, we ran only a small fraction of the tests we wanted to simply because these tools were difficult and time-consuming to use. Optimizely is the product I wish we had during the campaign.

After talking with dozens of companies with similar complaints, my co-founder, Pete Koomen, and I set out to create the simplest and most intuitive A/B testing platform imaginable. The features I’m personally most excited about are:

  1. In-context variation creation: you can make changes to variations directly on the page using WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop with absolutely no coding required.
  2. One-time copy & paste implementation: after you copy & paste our code snippet to your website you’ll never have to log into your content management system or check in code again– no matter how many changes you make or experiments you run.
  3. Real-time results: finding out which variation is the most effective sooner means you make more money sooner.
  4. Multiple experiment URLs: you are no longer limited to one page per experiment. Run the same experiment over a whole set of pages that are all similar in layout or functionality by listing them explicitly or using a regular expression.
  5. Custom JavaScript variations: if you are familiar with JavaScript you can create a custom variation that uses the full power of JavaScript to transform your webpage in very clever ways.

These are just a few of the features we’ve been working on and we’ll be sharing more and more over the coming months. Take a look at our demo video if you want to see these features and others in action.

We’ll start inviting folks to use Optimizely today.