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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

We are midway through a webinar series (recordings down below) about harnessing the power of integrating your analytics platform with Optimizely. Syncing with MixPanel, KISSmetrics, Google Analytics or Omniture SiteCatalyst is incredibly easy. It’s also a very effective way to leverage the insights from your analytics with the dynamic features of testing with Optimizely. If you have not integrated your platform(s) already, here’s a refresher on how to do it:

1. Click the Options tab on the visual editor dashboard.

2. Select Analytics Integration from the menu.

3. Select Enable for the analytics platform of your choice from the pop-up window.

So far, we’ve teamed up with MixPanel and KISSmetrics for webinars about the advantages of integrating and how analytics propel the biggest A/B testing wins. The webinars are a wealth of information for best testing practices and squeezing the most power out of Optimizely with analytics. Check them out here or on our YouTube channel.

MixPanel Integration Webinar

KISSmetrics Integration Webinar


If you aren’t integrating already, we suggest trying it. Your improved site is the only outcome.

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