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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

 A Sandbox with Step-by-Step API Tutorials

Today we are excited to release a set of step-by-step tutorials and a “sandbox” page for anyone who’d like to learn more about using Optimizely’s JavaScript Client API.

Our JS API enables a wide range of deeper integrations. Here are the integrations we cover in the tutorials:

  • tracking custom conversion events
  • running experiments on dynamically-loaded page content
  • integrating Optimizely with an in-house analytics package

As the most advanced AB testing tool, Optimizely allows you to actually create experiments and follow the tutorials on the Sandbox “Store” Page we created. Just enter your Project ID to load your Optimizely snippet in the Sandbox and start creating experiments:

Optimizely Sandbox

Have a use case you’d like to see explained in a tutorial? Send us your feedback to let us know!


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