‘How does an A/B test affect my page load time?’ and other important questions

George Stephanis calls himself a code monkey. He is a developer at Speck Products and a Core Contributor at WordPress. We asked him a couple questions about the technical side of A/B testing. Optimizely: How does A/B testing affect my page load time? George: Split testing or A/B testing as a concept doesn’t need to affect page […]

Why A Great Customer Support Team Generates Successful Customers

Ricky Rayhkenberg, the first hire to do customer support at Optimizely – support that doesn't suck.

I was the first person hired to do customer support at Optimizely. This was two years ago when the company consisted of two co-founders and two engineers. It’s a good sign that even at the very beginning customer support was a top priority. I came from a technical background and didn’t have too much experience working with customers directly. This gave me an opportunity to approach my position from a new perspective.