Avoid Sidewalk Catastrophes: Optimize Your Mobile Website

Mobile versions of target.com, reddit.com and taskrabbit.com

Trips, falls, and head-on collisions. These days, a quick stroll down the street is an accident waiting to happen. It’s easy to point fingers at uneven pavement, crazed skateboarders, or fanny-packed tourists, but the truth of the matter is clear: smartphones are the culprit. Young, old, commuter, tourist, sometimes even bikers (yikes!) – everyone is […]

How to Redesign Your Website Redesign


Welcome back to Conversion Rate Optimism, Jeff Blettner,  a web designer and conversion optimization specialist at Formstack. Having just completed a complete redesign of formstack.com, Jeff spoke with me about the role AB testing tools played in the process. Optimizely: How big of a role did A/B testing – actually doing it, or knowing you were going […]