Will Personalization Save the Publishing Industry?

It’s Wednesday at 7PM. I’m on the J-train on the way home from work checking Facebook on my phone. That conspicuous red dot pops up, notifying me that I’ve got a new message. It’s my friend Lisa. She wants to tell me that this Buzzfeed article reminded her of me. Within seconds, I’m laughing uncontrollably to myself as I scroll through the images. I’m flattered, because it’s hilarious. 

Why, Yogurt? Why?

From Buzzfeed’s “20 Things Ain’t Nobody Got Time For”

During the Wired Business Conference in New York City this week, BuzzFeed CEO and Founder Jonah Peretti talked about how all media is – or should be – going social. Sharing provides publishers with valuable insights about their readers, which companies can then use to target them with relevant content or ads, perhaps compelling them to share even more.

Sharing might be the golden ticket for many publishers, more so than clicks or read-throughs. So how are YOU optimizing for increased social shares?

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