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Thanks to a handy new integration, Segment customers can send custom event and revenue data to Optimizely. Segment allows it’s customers to set up tracking for events once and then use that data across multiple analytics platforms. Additionally, Segment customers can send data from Optimizely to other integration partners, such as email platforms and Vero.

How It Works:

Sending data from Segment to Optimizely is easy. Just sign into your Segment account, toggle on the Optimizely integration, and they’ll start sending any data from other analytics partners or your own servers to Optimizely! (You will need to have the Optimizely snippet on your page to receive the data.)

In other words, there’s no additional tracking code needed to send custom event info to Optimizely if you’re already using Segment to send it to Google Analytics for example. Segment also standardizes revenue reporting across integration partners so it’s easy to analyze revenue across analytics platforms.

Read more about the integration in Segment’s recent blog postSegment already provides its customers with over 40 integration partners and they are adding more every week, so this integration will only get more exciting.

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