Why We Switched to Optimizely


We’re glad to welcome Cooper Maruyama, conversion rate optimization expert and founder of Landers Optimized, to the Optimizely blog for today’s guest post. The biggest difference between conversion optimization and all other sub-sectors of online marketing is the technology required to do it well. Website optimization requires qualitative analysis, via tools such as SurveyMonkey and […]

6 Best Practices from 251,391 Website Experiments (and How to Apply Them)

I’ve had the good fortune to attend several optimization talks & conferences with our CEO, Dan Siroker. One thing I admire about good speakers is their ability to distil complex ideas into simple truths.

Simple is good.

In this forum, we try to keep things short & sweet because we know you are frantically busy. After all, this is a blog—not API documentation.

With that in mind, here are Dan’s 6 “Best Practices” from 251,391 A/B and Multivariate tests