Twas Five Months Before Christmas


Twas 5 months before Christmas, when all ‘cross the web, Ideas were stirring in retailers’ heads. Black Friday and Cyber Monday soon will be near, The time to start planning e-strategy is here. More traffic than ever will come to your site, When people start shopping for Christmas delights, So how can you make sure […]

Why Dedicated Landing Pages Work


Chris Hexton joins us on the Optimizely Blog once again, for the second in a five part series on email marketing optimization. Chris is the CEO and co-founder of Vero, a B2B company specializing in email conversions and customer satisfaction. Last week, we introduced why email conversions are so powerful. In case you missed it, here’s […]

How to CRAFT the Perfect Email CTA

Source: Custora

We’re excited to welcome Chris Hexton, CEO and co-founder of Vero, to the Optimizely Blog for the first in a five part series on email marketing optimization. Email marketing is one of most powerful marketing mediums there is in terms of raw return on investment. In fact, a new report from Custora found that over the past […]

Introducing Custom Tags

Optimizely lets you target experiments so only users who match certain criteria see an experiment. Until today, these criteria were based on things Optimizely observed about your visitors, like the browser they use, or the website that referred them to yours. We’re excited to announce that there is now a way to target experiments based […]