Twas Five Months Before Christmas

Twas 5 months before Christmas, when all ‘cross the web,
Ideas were stirring in retailers’ heads.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday soon will be near,
The time to start planning e-strategy is here.

More traffic than ever will come to your site,
When people start shopping for Christmas delights,
So how can you make sure you’re ready to go?
It’s time to be testing! Here’s what you should know:

For most e-commerce companies, the holiday season kicks off well before wreaths are hung, menorahs are lit, gingerbread men are frosted, and local radio stations start overloading the airwaves with Christmas songs [cue quintessential Bing Crosby melody].

Months of planning and preparation go into developing a successful online retail strategy for the holiday season because so much is at stake. More than 35% of annual e-commerce revenue surfaces in Q4 alone, as Santa and other shoppers look to buy more and more holiday gifts online. In fact, about 40% of consumers start checking items off their holiday shopping lists well before Halloween!

The hustle and bustle continues to build as Christmas approaches, with the top 10 highest grossing online shopping days typically falling between Thanksgiving and mid-December – essentially a two week window of high-volume shopping.


So how can you make the most of these traffic spikes? We’re giving you permission to unwrap a few Christmas gifts early this year… with A/B testing.

Building a strong testing strategy now (and continuing to test through the holiday season) can help drive exponential gains in revenue come Christmas. Here’s how:

  • Test now to learn about your site visitors. What drives them to make a purchase, or make more purchases? What are their current pain points? Understanding visitor behaviors will help you provide the best possible experience when they start holiday shopping on your site.

  • Test now to ensure pivotal areas of your site are optimized. Measure the effectiveness of your checkout funnel, product pages, homepage, and more to ensure maximized revenue from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday-related traffic.

  • Test now to accurately gauge your resources. The holiday season is a make or break time of year for many companies. The more you can invest resources in ironing out any questions that take time and effort to fix, the better.

  • Test now to familiarize your team with the technical aspect of A/B testing. Practice now will gear up your team to execute tests during high-traffic moments, with a strong foundation in place, to build, replicate, and iterate quickly and seamlessly as the holiday season approaches.

  • Test now… and continue testing through November and December. The rate at which you can gather data during this time period is extremely accelerated. You’ll be able to blow through tests faster with more traffic to support statistically significant results.

So, where to begin? That’s where the Optimizely elves come in.


Over the next two months, we’ll walk you through building a comprehensive testing program to help maximize revenue this holiday season… and beyond. Through ab testing case stories, webinars, testing best practices, events, and more, we’re giving the gift of yuletide testing 5 months in advance.

You spend so much money driving folks to your site,
to drive revenue, purchases, clicks and the like.
But what happens to visits after PPC clicks?
Do you know the way to make purchase paths slick?

Test our platform today, ‘fore the holiday rush,
If you have any questions, we’re always in touch.
And you’ll hear us exclaim, ‘ere we improve your site,
“Happy testing to all, and to all a goodnight!”