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Knowledge sharing between teams is fundamental to building and operating a successful business. At Optimizely, we have an internal email address where we all send interesting industry news we come across during the week.

This is the first installment of our “What We’re Reading” bi-weekly blog series where we’ll post links to the articles about digital marketing and conversion rate optimization that we took the time to read. Here’s what some of us have been reading this week:

Dan Siroker, our CEO and Co-founder is reading Building Stuff To Help You Sell The Stuff You Build from Patrick McKenzie via Slideshare.

Patrick McKenzie, runs a “wee little software business” but made a big impression at The Business of Software Conference in Boston this past week. His argument: You should have full time engineers who are only tasked with marketing/sales objectives. Check out his deck to see why.

Matt Althauser, our Head of European Sales is reading (and quoted in) 39 tips from London Conversion Conference via Marketing Pilgrim.

It’s a staggering reality that website owners spend 9x more money getting people to their website than they do turning those visits into conversions. This article compiles a long list of quick facts from conversion rate experts at inon, Content Verve, SeeWhy, and ConversionFactory.

Kent Shimek, one of our Account Executives is reading Satisfaction with conversion rates has increased for the first time in four years via Econsultancy.

Econsultancy put together a short highlight reel from the results of a survey of 1,000 client-side and agency digital marketers. It provides some perspective on how clients view the value and challenges of improving conversion rates.

A few metrics worth noting:

    • Around three in five companies surveyed say A/B testing and multivariate testing are ‘highly valuable’.
    • 70% of companies carrying out A/B tests saw an increase in conversion.
    • Of all the methods used to help increase conversion, cart abandonment analysis shows one of the highest correlations to increases in sales.
    • Companies that adopt a structured approach to improving conversion rates are twice as likely to see an increase in conversion.

I am reading What Keeps The Chief Marketing Officer Awake At Night? – Part 3 via Six Pixels of Separation.

I am obsessed with this question myself and this third installment in a longer series offers a very well developed take on it. This excerpt says it all:

“As the CIO’s role continues to evolve within the organization, the CMO must be deeply connected to the technological infrastructure that will be driving business results….The marketing function of an organization is a technology-driven one. That fate has been sealed. Now, we just need the marketers to accept, embrace it and work with it.”

What articles in the realm of digital marketing and conversion rate optimization did you read this week?

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