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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Every week we take an inventory of the articles, books, and events people are reading/sharing/Tweeting within our office and post a few we found most thought-provoking. Here’s a quick synopsis of some excellent content we were reading this week.

Sean Oliver, our product marketing manager, is reading Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers 2013 Internet Trends via Slideshare.

This presentation has resurfaced around our office as we announced the release of our mobile dashboard and mobile website editor for all plans. Especially compelling is the data on mobile that starts on slide 30, which has come up in many conversations around mobile features and planning. If you’re forecasting for 2014, it never hurts to check your data points one more time.

Amina Moinuddin one of our recruiters, is reading They’re Watching You At Work via The Atlantic.

The Big Data trend is marching onward. This time, it’s coming for your job. Data plus human resources equals an entirely new way to hire, fire, and promote. Take a look at Knack, a gaming startup creating aptitude tests for this purpose.

Dan Siroker is reading The Score Takes Care Of Itself by Bill Walsh.  

At Optimizely’s weekly Show and Tell, Dan recommended this nonfiction read to anyone learning to ‘coach’ or lead teams. The account of Bill Walsh’s legacy with the San Francisco 49ers and timeless leadership lessons strongly parallel what can happen at a startup.

Shana Rusonis, one of our content marketers, is reading 8 Simple Copywriting Tips, Backed By Science via TNW.

The verb is mightier than the adjective, our brains like surprising tidbits, and how to create a curiosity gap a la Malcolm Gladwell. These tips come to us from the social sharers over at Buffer, along with a few shortcuts for tweets and headlines.

If you’ve read any of these articles, what did you think? What great content did we miss this week?

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