A/B Test Ideas for Mobile E-commerce Sites

In 2013, shoppers used their smart phones and tablets to make purchases at an incredible rate—55% more often than in 2012. Higher mobile website traffic presents a great opportunity and incentive to optimize the mobile experience of your e-commerce store.

Here are a few basic ideas to get you started. (For a long list of mobile test ideas, watch our recent webinar, A Crash Course in A/B Testing for Mobile Websites that we presented with Mobify.)

Try making important links or buttons bigger. Not all of us have elf hands. Even a few added pixels on the Purchase or Add to Cart button could make it easier for shoppers to touch, without the danger of hitting some other unwanted button. Same goes for text links for actions like Read Customer Reviews, Product Details, or Quantity. When in doubt, test overcompensation for thumbs.

Try making the search bar more prominent. Search is the number one mobile browser activity. During the holiday hustle and bustle, shoppers will likely do some research on their mobile device when thinking about what to purchase. Making the search bar more prominent may lead to more pageviews and purchases.

Try making the “Billing address same as shipping address” field selected by default. Anything you can do to reduce friction that comes from filling out a form is generally a good idea, especially when it’s such a pain on touch screen keypads. Hiding the billing form by default is a simple thing to try that could lead to more conversions.

Which e-commerce stores have a great mobile experience?

More test ideas for e-commerce sites:

Add a tweet button to the order success page

Test different product image themes

A/B test everything about your call to action buttons

Question the assumption that security badges increase conversions

Experiment with how you engage your social media following

Test emphasizing return policy on product pages

Test holiday season hero messaging

Add a countdown clock to your site

Test interest in a new product with a dummy button and clicks

Try adding badges to product image thumbnails

Test default sort order on category pages

71 other things to test