A/B Test Ideas for Product Images

The way a product is displayed can be one of the pivotal elements that factors into a consumer’s decision to purchase or not purchase. Instead of testing specific images against one another, test different image themes, such as models vs. no models, or static images vs. product video.

A/B testing (learn more about what is A/B testing) one image against another can be valuable but the results you’ll get can be too granular to inform any other decisions. To glean broader insights about how your visitors respond to product imagery, test how different types of images perform against other types of images. For example, models versus no models.

Try displaying a default image of the product with a model versus just a product. To measure success, track the number of visitors who clicked through on the other product images and the number of visitors who added the product to cart. Once you have conclusive data on whether your visitors respond better to images of products with models or sans-models, then you can move on to testing different types of models.


ZAGG.com, an online marketplace for mobile device accessories of all types, ran an experiment on their product image to determine whether a short video of the product or a 360 viewing interface would drive more clicks to the “add to cart” button.

They found out that the 360-degree product image increased average order value by 10.4%. Just the slight difference between how a product is presented to shoppers can have a huge impact on overall purchases and average order value.

Have you been motivated to buy a product based on different types of imagery?

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