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This week, our content roundup features KISSmetrics, Wired, Nick Bilton, Brad Stone and Bloomberg.

Jamie Connolly, a solutions engineer at Optimizely, is reading Selling to Enterprise: Why Your “Easy,” Developer-Friendly Offerings are HURTING Your Chances via KISSmetrics.

This is a great read for salespeople, marketers or anyone involved in communicating with/to prospective enterprise clients. The thesis here: frame your messaging and approach in the language of your audience, not the language of your start up. It’s easy to forget that not everyone responds well to statements that use the words “awesome” and “easy”. The author offers seven accessible tips for wooing enterprise buyers.

Our PR Manager, Helen Phung, is reading two books, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone and Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal by Nick Bilton.

We attended the Commonwealth Club’s monthly “Inforum” talk in San Francisco to hear Stone and Bilton dive deep into the founding stories of Amazon and Twitter. The two behemoths once faced the same struggles as many startups. The books share the companies’ corporate profiles and recount their beginnings, drama, and eventual success.

Shana Rusonis, a content marketer at Optimizely is reading The Hyper-Efficient, Highly Scientific Scheme to Help the World’s Poor via Wired.

This article comes from the December issue of Wired magazine which focuses on global initiatives to fix the world. It explores A/B testing in real life—running randomized controlled trials to answer questions like: does providing free textbooks to schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa boost test scores and keep children in school longer? The article walks through the process, major challenges, and outcomes of researching the impact of mosquito nets, water treatment and microfinance loans.

In the wake of Cyber Monday, our Director of Marketing, Ural Cebeci is reading Cyber Monday Sales at Record as Amazon, EBay Win Shoppers via Bloomberg.

Drastic increases in mobile shopping and online sales against decreasing in-store revenue reflect the continued growth of the digital retail industry. The more consumers choose to shop from their smartphones/tablets/desktops/laptops instead of the brick-and-mortar store, the greater the need for online retailers to invest in creating optimized experiences for those shoppers.


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