Test Idea: Try Adding Badges to Product Image Thumbnails

While browsing the sea of products on your site, customers can get lost in all of the options. Test adding “Best Seller” or “Featured” badges to your product thumbnails on the category or browse pages to help these products stand out. In many cases, less is more for e-commerce retailers because “options overload” could lead to visitor fatigue resulting in lost revenue. Help your customers make decisions faster by adding a product thumbnail badge to some of your top products.

These badges should be used judiciously as having too many on your site will just add to clutter on the page and negate the highlighting benefits of adding a badge. Try starting with a handful of select products to validate the concept for your site and build from there.

Here are some examples of badges e-commerce stores are using right now:


Bestbuy.com uses badges to highlight exclusivity of products that are only available at Best Buy.


Levis.com uses badges to highlight best selling and new items.


Diapers.com is an interesting example of an online retailer who uses badges to appeal to their shoppers by highlighting products that are environmentally friendly.

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