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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Happy Friday from Optimizely’s Customer Education team. Our job is to help you learn how to become an optimization hero, so today, we’re putting a spin on the “What We’re Reading” series: we’re highlighting our top picks for articles written by our in-house experts for Optimizely’s Learning Center.

Learn the basics of Optimizely with our Getting Started series, parts one and two.

If you’re new to Optimizely and wondering where to start, or interested in what features you could be using, our two-part Getting Started guide walks you through the basics of running experiments with Optimizely.

Give your tests more publicity and exposure with Best Practices for Sharing Test Results.

Written by frequent blog contributor Ryan Lillis, this is just one of many strategy articles available in our Learning Center. This one walks through what and how to share as you promote test results in your organization—and even gives you some handy templates that you can use.

Turn your test data into action with our Interpreting Results article.

One of the features of Optimizely you probably see the most is our results page — after all, you want to see how your variations are performing. But did you ever wonder what those graphs mean? We asked a couple of our Technical Account Managers with statistics backgrounds to help explain how to interpret the results of your experiment, and the article they put together does just that.

Read up on two powerful Optimizely features that you can use today: targeting and goals.

Targeting and goals are two of Optimizely’s most powerful features, but not all of our users take full advantage of them. That’s why we want to spread the love and share our overview articles for those subjects with you. Those articles will show you the basics of displaying your experiments on the right page, to the right people, and of tracking success. They also link to other helpful, related articles and videos that dive deeper.

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