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This week we’ve collected a few stories, articles, and musings on mobile that have caught our collective eye.

Greg Lazarus is reading Making Apps Pay Gets Harder via TechCrunch

TechCrunch had a great piece last week covering recently released Gartner research, noting “…through to 2018, less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success by their developers.” The growth of In-App Purchases (IAPs) isn’t enough to stem this particular tide.

Sean Oliver is reading AOL Buys Personalization Startup Gravity for $90MM via Re/Code 

Personalization is becoming more and more important on both the web and native mobile, as users begin to have unique experiences with individual brands and sites. A user might visit AOL on their laptop and their mobile phone, each time having fundamentally different experiences. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong states: “We think we can get a clearer signal with content with personalization to improve our results and better monetize what we offer.”

Our engineering team is reading Airlock: Facebook’s Mobile A/B Testing Framework via Facebook’s technical blog

This week, our engineers have enjoyed this overview of Facebook’s mobile A/B testing framework “Airlock”. It’s not at all uncommon for larger web-only organizations to have an in-house A/B testing framework, but seeing one discussed publicly is a rarity. Our team gives kudos to Facebook for their openness.

I’m reading Making Games that Appeal to Nongamers via Benedict Evan’s mobile newsletter (Edition #48.)

It’s fascinating to read about the trials and tribulations of others in business and mobile dev, and this story on a recent Jun Otsuka (Producer at LINE) talk being no exception. It’s easy to think that when it comes to gaming, humans can be divided into two groups: gamers and non-gamers. Jun instead sees a world where everyone is a gamer, and the challenge is instead to make games that appeal to all of these (very differentiated) audiences.

Similarly, we mustn’t think that there are two types of customers, clients, or visitors: mobile and non-mobile. Instead, we have to recognize that there is a unique mobile experience for everyone; everyone is potentially a mobile visitor and potentially a web visitor.

Director of Marketing, Ural Cebeci, is reading 7 Lessons Learned From Interviewing 100 App Developers via Clarity. 

To round out what’s occupying our eyeballs this week, this piece summaries commonalities and key learnings from 100 interviews with app developers. When designing and engineering native mobile experiences, there’s much to be learned from app developers that have done with consistent success The incredible scope and scale of these interviews has yielded some touching insights into what makes an app developer tick. Interviewees included Chris Barton (Shazam), Paul Haddad (Tapbots), and Lucy Zhang (Facebook Messenger.)

What do you think of our mobile selections? Did we miss anything this week that piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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