Introducing Optimizely for iOS: Developer Preview

Optimizely for iOS Developer Preview

Today, we’re excited to announce the invitation-only Developer Preview of Optimizely for iOS.

Optimizely for iOS is exactly what it sounds like: Fast and scalable A/B testing and optimization for native iOS apps, built on the same advanced platform trusted by more than 6,000 customers.

When we first announced Optimizely in July 2010, our goal was to make it absurdly simple to run an split test on your website. Now Optimizely is the #1 A/B testing tool and it has delivered nearly 5 billion web experiences to visitors around the world. More importantly, Optimizely has helped bring a culture of experimentation and data-driven decision making to companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

With Optimizely for iOS, our goal is to make it easy for mobile app teams to go through that same transformation, to iterate quickly, and to optimize experiences seamlessly.

We’ve been piloting Optimizely’s iOS A/B testing tool with a few select customers over the last few months, and now, we’re excited to begin inviting more developers to try it out as part of a Developer Preview. We’ll be adding developers slowly at first and rolling out to more as the weeks go on. There is no charge for using the Developer Preview.

We’re releasing a limited number of Developer Preview accounts. Sign up to be considered at We look forward to hearing what you think.

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Optimizely for iOS Developer Preview