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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

In today’s marketing landscape, there is an imbalance in budget allocation: marketers are investing heavily in traffic generation but not enough in website optimization. The imbalance is a matter of awareness and education.

There was once a time when SEM, PPC, and SEO were new and unknown. Now, it’s almost impossible to imagine a marketing team without paid marketing specialists. Website optimization is the new gotta-have-it marketing practice that increases the return on investment from all other marketing programs you’re spending money on, especially SEM.

Check out our new ebook, Optimizing Your Conversion Engine: Search Engine Marketing, to learn how and why website optimization is the best investment you can make to turn more of the traffic you paid for into customers and leads.

optimizely_sem_ebook_headerIn the ebook you’ll find:

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tactics to increase key performance metrics.
  • Test ideas for optimizing the entire SEM funnel.
  • Graphs, charts, screen shots on visualizing an optimized paid search funnel.
  • A focus on why testing landing pages is essential in SEM campaigns.
  • Examples of companies who are increasing conversion rates and revenue on SEM landing pages.
  • Interviews with expert SEM managers who A/B test.
  • A playbook of practical, proven ways to turn this education into action at your company.

This ebook will give you foundation for understanding how and why AB testing tools can increase the value of every dollar you spend on SEM.

Maximize the chance that dollars spent on SEM turn into revenue for you. Read Optimizing Your Conversion Engine: Search Engine Marketing, start testing your landing pages, and get more ROI from paid search marketing.


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