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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program


Starting today, you’ll be able to access Optimizely experiment information in Salesforce. This is thanks to an exciting new integration with Bizible.

Bizible helps companies track their marketing activities back to individual customers in Salesforce. They integrate with best-in-class tools marketers already use today and make data from those tools available to Salesforce, so companies can make better sales and marketing decisions.

The Optimizely/Bizible integration allows Salesforce users to do two things:

  1. see the experiment associated with a lead and a contact in Salesforce. This information updates dynamically as the lead or contact visits the website and is exposed to more experiments.
  2. run reports on this information. Sales teams can now answer questions like, does pricing page variation A, B, or C lead to more revenue?

With this information, sales teams can use Optimizely, the market-leading A/B testing tool, to create  personalized follow ups based on the web experience that a lead or contact saw.

Check out a blog post from Bizible to learn more about how you can integrate Optimizely with Salesforce.

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