[eBook] A Guide to Creating Provable ROI in Social Media

social-ebook-coverUnderstanding the value of social media is top of mind for most brands right now. I’m continuously seeing articles pop up all over posing the same question, “what’s the return on investment from social media? How do I measure it?”

I don’t know the answer and neither do brands who invest millions of dollars in it!

What I do know is that experimentation will help brands gather quantitative data about how to make social work best for their business. It could be as simple as the location of a share button on a page or the offer that gets someone to Tweet. With numbers to help answer these questions, companies in all verticals will be better informed on where to spend more or less time and resources.

To help answer this question with a practice that Optimizely knows best, I put together A Guide to Creating Provable ROI in Social Media to turn more social interactions into value for your business.

How did I research this piece?

  1. I spent a lot of time perusing brand social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and taking screen shots of excellence.
  2. I talked to our internal experts who consult our customers on what they should test.
  3. I interviewed experts and read a lot of those “State of Social Media” reports.
  4. I even signed up for Warby Parker home try on so I could see the offer at the end of the purchase funnel that compels people to share. (Turns out it’s a very well crafted offer.)

If you’d like to download the 19-page PDF, just fill out the form on this landing page. Happy experimenting!