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Yeah, I said it.

The Germans scored a Brazillian goals during this week’s World Cup semifinals. Neymar couldn’t play, so I guess the rest of the team couldn’t either, right? The Internet was all over #BRAvsGER and the depression that ensued after the 90th minute (more like the 25th, I guess.) It’s a ruthlessly competitive world out there and your opponents will take any opportunity to win. Winning against the competition is top of mind for sports news publisher, Bleacher Report. One of the tricks they have up their sleeve, (their ‘Neymar,’ if you will) is website optimization.

764conversion-rateBleacher Report uses website optimization to bring their A-game to one of their main goals: social shares. They have increased social conversions by 764% since using Optimizely.

Watch the Bleacher Report team talk about how they achieved this beastly conversion increase. Will website optimization be apart of your next lineup as you head into the knockout round? Remember a lot can happen in six minutes (like scoring 4 goals, watching this video and setting up an experiment with Optimizely).

You can also see the Bleacher Report case study on our main website.

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