The Toolkit for Higher Performing Email Marketing

The Toolkit For Higher Performing Email MarketingThe importance of email is certainly not waning, and neither is the amount of it in our inboxes. The average professional receives 121 emails per day. For people receiving emails, this means less attention on each message, more skimming (and probably more filtering out of the inbox.) For marketers sending emails, this deluge is a challenge and incentive to figure out the elements of email — subject lines, calls to action, images, from name, etc. — that work best with your audience.

Email is a high value, highly scalable, highly testable practice with clearly quantifiable results. In this new eBook, The Toolkit for Higher Performing Email Marketing, we offer a tips and templates for measurably improving the impact email has on your business with A/B testing.

“One great reason to test is you really don’t know if your opinion is right. We think we’re experts because we write so many emails but just because we like it doesn’t mean our audience necessarily will.”

-Jessica Langensand, Marketing Programs Manager, Marketo

In this toolkit you’ll find:

  • 2 Google templates you can use at your company to organize, scale, and measure your email marketing and testing
  • A deep understanding of why A/B testing is so beneficial towards achieving your company goals
  • Actionable steps from experts at Marketo and Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to measurably improve your email marketing programs
  • Inspiration for tests to try on your own