How to Find (or Become) the Next Great Growth Marketer

growth marketerDemand for optimizers and growth marketers is off the charts. The 2014 State of Online Testing report from WhichTestWon revealed that 65% of companies currently testing, are planning on hiring or outsourcing optimization roles in 2015.

Despite the buzz, most companies are unaware of what it truly takes to be a marketer focused on growth and optimization. If you’re looking to hire one, what should skills should you be looking for? What qualities will enable him or her to be instrumental in growing the business while kicking ass at optimizing your website?

To help us define the must-have qualities of a “growth marketer” we asked the Optiverse — a community full of optimization experts. We also asked Sean Ellis, the founder of and published his thoughts in a blog post.

The community’s response to our question was stellar, so we decided to turn their feedback into an infographic. We combed through each comment, assigned relevant qualities, and then ranked the qualities by number of mentions. The infographic below shows the top eight qualities optimizers said are required to be a growth marketer, as well as interview questions to suss out these qualities. Do you agree with the qualities? What are some questions you ask in interviews for optimization roles? Join our discussion here.

Growth Marketer Infographic

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