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Welcome to One Minute Mondays, because on Monday, you only have one minute. Each Monday, we post an education-packed tip presented by someone from the Optimizely team. Learn something new and connect with the Optimizely team — all in 60 seconds!

So you’ve built out a new feature, a new flow, a new experience in your mobile app, you’re feeling really good about it. You’ve released to Apple, it’s live in the Store… and people hate it. It’s got a show-stopping bug. This update, for whatever reason, is tanking hard, and it’s taking your App Store rankings with it. But all of this could have been avoided. Let’s rewind…

Next time, you can use Optimizely’s SDK to safely roll out new features. Simply include whatever feature you’re planning on releasing as a Code Block in Optimizely when you release to Apple. Using Optimizely mobile A/B testing you can turn on or off that block of code so let’s say that your feature is performing really well, it’s converting at a high rate, people love it. Great! Using Optimizely you can — in one click — roll it out to all of your users.

On the flip side, let’s say there’s a show-stopping bug. People don’t really like it. That’s fine too, you can hop back into Optimizely and use it as a kill switch — cut all traffic to that variation that’s losing. Just like that, not just mobile A/B testing, but also risk mitigation.

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