It’s Monday and you probably only have one minute. So use these next 60 seconds to learn something new and connect with the Optimizely team. This week, Ehsan from Optimizely’s Customer Success team, talks about selecting where your experiment runs, a part of every experiment we call URL targeting. 

One of the most important parts of setting up an experiment is deciding where you want it to run, as in which pages specifically are you deciding to target. You can be as narrow as a single URL or as broad as your entire site. It all depends on which of the four URL match types you use.

So let’s say I want to run an experiment on my site,

Using the exact match type, it will only run exactly on this URL: 

Using the simple match type, it will run here:

  • with or without the www
  • with or without the /
  • on either protocol https:// or http:// 
  • with any additional query parameters such as
  • or hash parameters such as

When setting up your experiment in Optimizely, you can also use the URL match validator to ensure the experiment is running only where you want it to and not where you don’t.

Read more about URL targeting on our knowledge base.

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