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For this week’s One Minute Monday, Clarissa from our Technology Partnerships team shares tips on integrating Optimizely with other technology solutions, like analytics or data management platforms. (Full list of Optimizely technology integrations)

So you’re already using Optimizely for testing — great! But like many modern marketers, chances are you’re using several different solutions alongside Optimizely to track and manage all of your different marketing channels. My tip for the week is to check out the ‘Integrations’ tab on your Optimizely dashboard. From here, you can discover and enable any of Optimizely’s out-of-the-box integrations.

Optimizely integrations dashboard

Click Integrations’ on your Optimizely dashboard.

List of Optimizely technology integrations

See a list of all Optimizely integrations. Click each one to enable, disable, or learn more.

For example, maybe you want to connect Optimizely to Google Analytics to view your results data in your GA dashboard. Or perhaps you want to create audiences to personalize and target tests to different customer segments based on DemandBase or BlueKai data. Or you might want to use Ifbyphone to see which test variation resulted in the most phone call conversions.

All of this and more is possible using Optimizely Integrations. Check out the full (and growing) list of integrations and implementation instructions on our Knowledge Base and discover new ways to connect Optimizely with your existing marketing tools.

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