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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

For this week’s One Minute Monday, Ryan Krebs from our Partnerships team shares advice on coming up with your next test idea.

See this napkin? This is they key to your testing success because it is a canvas for your testing ideas. Ideation is an important part of testing. To get started thinking about test ideas, we recommend you first identify your key business metrics on your website and then start brainstorming tests to affect them.

For example if an important metric on your website is completed orders, you can do a multi-page funnel test on your shopping cart to figure out where people drop off in that flow.

Another type of test you can run is on a call to action. If a certain button is more important than the others, you can create a click goal on this button with Optimizely to figure out whether people are clicking on it. You can also integrate with our partners, ClickTale and Crazy Egg to view a heat map of your the page and understand exactly where people are clicking.

Another Optimizely integration, Skymosity, allows you to target tests based on weather. So, if snow is predicted in a certain region over the weekend, you can target different experiences based on that weather.

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