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For this week’s One Minute Monday, Westly Richards from our Education Team gives you a tour of everything you can find in Optiverse: a hub of testing ideas, Optimizely how-to articles, videos, and real advice from the optimization community.

You might recognize my voice from videos such as Installing the Optimizely Snippet, or How to Move Multiple Elements at Once, but the real reason’s we’re here is because Optiverse is the home of Optimizely’s Knowledge Base, Academy and Online Community. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your optimization needs.

The Knowledge Base has documentation, getting started guides, testing ideas and strategy articles. Each article has a table of contents to help with navigation. Articles are long so try using command or control F to help to find keywords on the page.

Optimizely Knowledge Base

The Optimizely Knowledge Base at

The Optimizely Academy is where you go to learn and grow your optimization skills. You can move from beginner to advanced or use a self-assessment to figure out which level to start at.

The Optimizely Academy

The Optimizely Academy at

The Optimizely Community is where you go to join discussions about optimization and learn from your peers. You can also visit groups pages to join offline meetups in your local areas.

The Optimizely Commumity

The Optimizely Commumity at

Searching in Optiverse will show content from all three properties by default. But you can filter those results to just show content from the KB, the Academy or the Community. For best results, we recommend using keywords instead of writing in full sentences. And that’s it! Go search Optiverse!

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