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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Getting visitors to convert on a form is difficult. But gathering this information is key to qualifying leads and increasing sales. If your company needs more submissions, lead form optimization is necessary.

Get hints from these lead form A/B experiments and test your way to a higher conversion rate:

Simplify Your Form UX

ContentVerve helped a Danish shipping service optimize its lead form by making it easier to understand. The original form had 3 steps, but each step had readability issues, which caused complicated user friction.

ContentVerve Original Form

Goal: Increase form completion rate and generate more leads for the company.

Variation: Reduce friction on the form by testing copy, field layout, and CTA on each step.

This is how each step changed:

ContentVerve---Lead-Form-1 ContentVerve---Lead-Form-2 ContentVerve---Lead-Form-3

Specific changes made:

  1. Top-aligned all field labels for easier reading and edited copy to be more descriptive
  2. Uses drop down menus instead of text fields
  3. Added a large CTA button of contrasting color on each step
  4. Reduced number of fields (on steps 2 and 3)

Result: The new form increased conversion rate by 30%

Simplify your forms by:

  1. Top-aligning all field labels to avoid confusion when reading
  2. Replacing text fields or any text inputs with easier solutions, like drop down menus or checkmarked boxes
  3. Emphasizing the CTA on each step of multi-step forms
  4. Reduce the number of fields, whenever possible

Verify User Submitted Info

Iron Mountain, a data management company, was getting plenty of form completions. But the type of information was inaccurate or irrelevant to quote requests, causing lead quality to drop. Users were providing false contact info, leaving fields blank, or using the form for non-quote purposes. So the company sought help from their digital marketing agency, iProspect, and optimized the form.

Goal: Increase lead quality by gathering accurate user info and communicating the form’s intent.
Variation: Emphasize intent by altering copy language and presentation. Validate submitted information.


Changes made:

  1. Edited headline copy to “Request a Quote” to show intent
  2. Moved field labels inside the field to encourage users to read before input
  3. Added validation functionality to increase accuracy of submitted info

Result: The new form improved the number of qualified leads by 140%

Qualify your form submissions by:

  1. Using a form headline that emphasizes the purpose and goal
  2. Ensuring they read field labels by placing them inside fields
  3. Enabling verification of field information from users (note: conversion rate may drop, but qualified submissions increase)

Replace Irrelevant Added Offers

Marketing Results wanted to increase the rate of quote submissions for a client, Pink’s Pest Services. The original version of the form had been optimized previously and gave an added bonus of a free report for users.

Goal: Find a way to quote requests without losing the progress of previous testing.
Variation: Remove the added bonus of the report and replace with copy and an image about service and quote requests.


Changes made:

  1. Body copy is now consistent with the headline copy about free quotes. It also emphasizes quick, quality service.
  2. Changed the photo of the report to Mal, the business owner, to exhibit a personal touch.

Result: The new variation increased conversions by 95%

Increase relevancy of content by:

  1. Writing copy that reminds users of the main benefits of submission (aspects like convenience, timeliness, free reward, etc.)
  2. Using a photo that is appropriate to the headline or purpose of the form
  3. Continuously testing variations of the content to find out what appeals to visitors


The lead form is a crucial step before submission. Invest time to test variations to boost conversions and increase sales. Note the changes in these experiments and see how they apply to your own lead form A/B tests.

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