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The 2015 Opties Award Winners onstage at Opticon.

The Optie Awards shine a spotlight on the best of the best, the leaders, and the innovators, in the world of experience optimization.

Optie Award Winners 2015Over 100 Optie Award submissions were narrowed down to just 30 impressive finalists. Our Optimizely Executive Voting Panel read through each submission and voted on winners based on the following criteria: pursuit of innovation, business impact, demonstrated expertise, thoroughness of entry, and fulfillment of the category’s description.

We are excited to announce the winners of our 2015 Optie Awards, and share their impressive achievements. Take notes, everyone!

The Better Together Award: Trulia in partnership with CROmetrics

  • The Better Together award spotlights customers who are getting more from their optimization program by integrating Optimizely with one of our awesome technology partners. Lauren Ford from Trulia saw the true value in this by creating a custom integration between Optimizely and Omniture. Taking things a step further, the Trulia testing team built a custom internal dashboard in PHP (a server-side scripting language) that generated automated A/B test reports by pulling data through the Omniture API. The dashboard has resulted in huge time savings, improved rigor and accuracy of analysis!
Clearhead Optimization Agency team

The Clearhead team, winner of Optie Award for Most Dramatic Business Impact

Most Dramatic Business Impact: Village Roadshow Theme Parks in partnership with Clearhead

  • Ticket purchases are the primary focus for Village Roadshow Theme Parks. The team decided to test two main areas of their site where visitors can purchase park tickets, the ‘VIP box office’ and the ‘non‐vip box office’. This test takes the cake for having the most dramatic business impact because it was  (a) disruptive — the team tried new designs, experiences and value propositions, (b) multivariate and (c) yielded huge lifts on conversions!

Data-Driven Culture Award: Scripps Networks Interactive

  • In their first 6 months, the Scripps testing team not only established a strong optimization culture with cross-team collaboration, but built out a robust process for all stakeholders. Some highlights include onboarding presentations for all new users, test building, and prioritization documents, and presenting quarterly test learnings at company‐wide product meetings. With a solid data-driven foundation in place, Scripps Networks is all set for testing success!
Pauline Marol Hotwire Opties winner

Pauline Marol from Hotwire, the winner of the Optimization Champion of the Year Award

Optimization Champion of the Year: Pauline Marol from Hotwire

  • Pauline leads Hotwire’s FUN team (best name ever?), the testing innovators and idea challengers within the organization. She is the epitome of an optimization champion. Pauline is the internal champion for optimization awareness and education at Hotwire. She organizes lunch and learns, a bi-weekly web optimization newsletter, ran the “Big Test Challenge” competition, and created  a company-wide optimization KPI! In true champion fashion, Pauline shares her insights with others by leading the SF Optiverse User Group, and sharing case studies. Champion on, Pauline!

Solutions Partner of the Year: Clearhead and RedEye

  • Clearhead and RedEye have been incredible partners to Optimizely this year. They go above and beyond to help Optimizely shape the optimization landscape. Over the last several years, both partners have built meaningful relationships and driven incredible business value for joint clients, resulting in the highest joint client satisfaction scores from all of our partners. Both Clearhead and RedEye give true meaning to the word partner with their vision for the future and expertise in the category of optimization.
99 designs Opties Winner

Shimon Lazarov, Director of Customer Acquisition at 99designs.

Most Impactful Use of Personalization: 99designs in partnership with CROmetrics

  • 99designs is always looking for ways to enhance the user experience. The team set up a series of A/B tests to identify which messaging was most impactful for different traffic sources (e.g. Adwords, partnerships, SEO, etc.). By personalizing the purchase funnel based on inbound marketing channels, the team was able to dramatically improve overall purchase conversion!
eBay Testing Team

The eBay optimization team and winner of the Mobile Pioneer Award

Mobile Pioneer Award: eBay

  • eBay is pioneering the A/B testing space in mobile. The company has been optimizing its web experience for over a year and recently extended its testing program to include experiences delivered by its mobile app. The team at eBay  employs a systematic process for planning and prioritizing experiments based on their anticipated revenue impact. This process led them to execute an experiment on a critical component of their in-app experience, driving significant gains to purchases and, ultimately, their bottom line.

Optimizely CEO Dan Siroker and Markis Taylor, winner of the Developer Extraordinaire Optie Award.

Developer Extraordinaire Award: Markis Taylor of Trulia

  • Markis is a sharp and creative developer, and Optimizely expert! His clever solution for integrating Optimizely with DoubleClick for Publishers created a huge win for Trulia. As a result of this integration, Trulia can now look at ad click data by AB test group, and make accurate decisions about the trade‐off between ad clicks, impressions, and revenue‐generating user actions.

People’s Choice: Experience of the Year: Trulia Rentals in partnership with CROmetrics

  • The People’s Choice Award highlights a single experiment that really knocked our socks off this year. The award is voted on by the Optiverse community, who recognized Trulia Rentals as this year’s victor! Trulia’s Infinite Scroll feature experience showed a 15% improvement in leads and dramatically improved the user experience. This mobile web test influenced the rest of the company to adopt features into other Trulia products as well!

Thank you to all of our 2015 Optie Award submissions! We were incredibly impressed and inspired, by your achievements (you are all winners in my book!).

Share your testing achievements in Optiverse all year long! Let the games begin for 2016!

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