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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Our CEO, Claire Vo, recently had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s Opticon, a premier optimization and A/B testing conference held by Optimizely with 1000+ attendees. Claire joined the “Powerful Integrations with Optimizely” session with speakers from FunnelEnvy, Lytics, and, of course, Optimizely. We’d like to thank Optimizely for hosting a wonderful event and inviting us along for the ride!

Watch Claire discuss:

  • The current challenges of continuous optimization
  • How Experiment Engine integrates with Optimizely & improves the testing process
  • Experiment Engine’s network of optimizers, testing pipeline, historical data documentation, and program performance reporting

For the full video of the “Powerful Integrations with Optimizely” session, please head here. To watch other sessions from the event, find them on the Opticon Recorded Sessions page.

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