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We’re very excited to be attending eTail East in Boston next week! Looking forward to connecting with many great ecommerce minds to talk A/B testing and optimization. We’re also excited to learn more about online retailers and check out the incredible selection of sessions this year.

If you’re having trouble deciding how to take advantage of the amazing conference agenda, don’t worry. We’ve carefully selected our favorites into a list that you can consider, too. Please say hi if you see someone from the Experiment Engine team – we’d love connect!

Main Conference Day One, August 11th – Grow Your Business

*Sessions marked with an asterisk are our “must-attend” selections

Etail East Ecommerce

*8:40 AM – Keynote: How Trust Drives Ecommerce Differentiation And Conversions

Consumer trust can make or break your business. Learn how to leverage trust to improve your business and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Also, see how other brands are establishing trust and gain their best practices.

*10:30 AM – Keynote: Four Key Predictions for Mobile Commerce…And What You Can Do About Them

Criteo analyzes data from more than 1.4 billion transactions to understand consumer shopping behavior. They will unveil four key predictions about mobile commerce from this data and recommend ways to take advantage of these trends.

12:20 PM – Keynote: In God We Trust, Everyone Else Must Have Data!

In this session, you will hear how organizations use internal culture to drive strategies backed by data. Learn how to drive ROI by hearing about how data related strategies can improve customer experience, digital marketing and online sales.

Track A: Growth in Retail

2:30 PM – Growth Hacking Your Ecommerce Brand: Simple Steps for Explosive Growth

Find out how to leverage content to to increase traffic and revenue. Learn about the SEO fundamentals, content marketing, and UX optimization to propel site growth.

*4:30 PM – Data Panel Discussion: Creating Specific Solutions For Your Customers Using Data

Listen in on this discussion and see how data is shaping customer experiences. This panel covers ways to drive customers towards action, leveraging behavioral data, and deploying experiences across multiple channels.

Speakers from this panel include: Cindy Starr from VistaprintBryan Robertson from Lululemon, and more.

Track B: Omni-Channel/Multi-Channel Execution

5:00 PM – Using Analytics to Improve the Omni Channel Customer Journey

Emily Rugaber of GoodData shows how analytics can give you an understanding of digital customer behavior to build or improve the omni channel experience.

5:15 PM – Turning Traffic into Revenue – Integrating Advertising within the eCommerce Funnel

Michael O’Hanlon from Wayfair discusses the growth of digital advertising and how it pertains to ecommerce sites. He will share great case studies from Wayfair, including a brand integration with Sherman-Williams and a “Get It Near Me” program with furniture retailers.

Track C: Social, Mobile & The Future of Retail

2:30 PM – 2015 Moshpit of eCommerce Experts: The Future of eCommerce

Change up your schedule a little with this new type of session for the year that places you as a short-term panelist. Like a game show, attendees will participate and share their ecommerce practices to win prizes, fame, and cred.

Main Conference Day Two, August 12th – Innovation and Disruption

Etail Ecommerce

9:05 AM – Market Share Keynote Panel Discussion: Gaining Market Share in Today’s Rapidly Changing Retail Environment

Attend this keynote panel of diverse speakers from companies large and small as they discuss organizational structures, today’s competitive environment, customer experience alignment, and more.

Track A: Data, Analytics, & Attribution

*2:30 PM – Using Data to Create Unique View Of Real-Time Ecommerce Trends

PCA Predict processes billions of transactions every day for 10,000+ customers. Check out how their analysis provides the retail industry with real-time trading days, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you can get ready for this holiday season.

Track B: Personalization, Customer Service & Loyalty

4:55 PM – Personalization Panel Discussion: Using Data to Build Amazing Personalized Customer Experiences

After you’ve gathered data, use it to personalize the shopping experience. Speakers will talk about tools, the type of data needed, along with when and where personalization is best for ROI.

Track C: Conversion Optimization & Usability

*2:55 PM – Testing Panel Discussion: Picking Winners: Executing Testing Programs to Increase Revenues Immediately And Get Results

Ecommerce success comes down to testing. Continued ecommerce success comes down to a testing program. Attend this interesting panel and learn about how testing translates into increased revenue for your business. Discover costs, resources, tools, workflow, and more.

Speakers include: Joel Layton from Land’s EndCory Munchbach from Blueconic, and more.

*4:00 PM – Conversion Panel Discussion: Efficiently Moving Customers Through the Conversion Funnel to Drive Repeat Purchases

Is your site really user-centric? Does it really assist users to buy? This panel of usability specialists will teach you how to make your site’s funnel better using the right tools, approaches, triggers, and navigation.

Speakers include: Laura Jajko from American Frame, Mike Marenick from Paydunk, and Ross Higgins from Newegg

Main Conference Day Three, August 13th – Make More Money From Mobile

Etail Ecommerce

9:25 AM – Mobile Future Keynote Panel Discussion: Mobile Innovations: Peering Into the Future of Retail

Mobile is still a platform that many retailers are looking to maximize. This panel discusses the forefront of design, UX, tech, and customer experience to explore innovations of the mobile space.

*10:25 AM – Mobile Conversion Keynote Panel Discussion: Turning Traffic into Sales: Making the Mobile Experience Better for Today’s Consumers

Increase conversions from your existing traffic by providing what customers are looking for. To keep customers from abandoning the mobile experience, listen to how these panelists identify consumer expectations, create a path to purchase, and measure with the right mobile KPIs.

For the full agenda, please head to eTail’s website here.

If you’d like to meet up at the conference and learn how Experiment Engine improves ecommerce testing & optimization, email us at or request a demo. Feel free to engage with us on Twitter during the event, too. See you at eTail East 2015!

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