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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Experiment Engine Sponsored Workshop: Advanced Conversion Optimization – From Your FIrst Test to Producing Significant ROI

Day 2, Tuesday, August 25th
Time: 3:40PM-4:20PM
Room: Sutton Parlor Center

We can’t wait for LeadsCon NY next week! We’re especially excited because we’ll be hosting an advanced A/B testing & optimization panel with some very awesome guest speakers. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Claire Vo is kicking it off with a presentation covering how testing benefits lead generation, how to build a conversion program, and the common challenges companies face. She will end her talk with special takeaways to directly maximize both your lead quantity and quality.

Our Head of Growth & Co-Founder, EJ Lawless, will then join the stage to moderate a panel discussion with Claire, Erik Josowitz (SVP Technology & Strategy, All Web Leads), and Alex Harris (eCommerce Conversion Consultant, Take an inside look at how top CRO teams operate as they discuss their experience with sophisticated testing programs. They’ll talk about the ways companies establish a testing culture, find opportunities, set goals, manage process, and evolve. Finally, we will end with a Q&A for attendees to connect with speakers.

You’ll leave with these ways to drive more leads:

  • How to uncover secret opportunities in your testing roadmap
  • Using targeting & personalization to drive big wins
  • Testing to maximize lead quantity AND quality

To find us on the full agenda, please head here or check out other sessions we recommend. If you’re not registered to attend, but would like to, there’s still time to do so here. To get a preview at only a couple of the things Claire will cover, watch her speak at the recent Opticon conference.

It’s bound to be a great time and we’re looking forward to having you join us!

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