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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Almost 90% of companies see optimization as crucial to their digital strategy, with 72% of those companies finding success. But most companies are still not satisfied with their testing and believe they could be doing better:

Econsultancy CRO Satisfaction

Improve your optimization and increase revenue by solving these five major program challenges:

Irregular and Unprioritized Test Execution

According to CRO expert, Bryan Eisenberg, approximately 61% of companies carry out less than five tests per month. Econsultancy reports that companies with significant increases in sales are completing an average of 6.45 tests per month. Most organizations just aren’t able to execute enough. If a company isn’t maximizing testing capacity, it’s losing revenue.

Those companies want to execute more, but they’re not equipped to scale due to an inefficient workflow process. To avoid this for your business, create a testing pipeline to plan upcoming experiments.

You’re able to add to the queue and prioritize each test for a consistent execution schedule. This pipeline ensures that you keep your program healthy and are able to scale testing velocity when needed.

Asana Roadmap

Example of a testing pipeline in Asana’s management software showing touchpoints as sections and experiments as tasks with variation details within them.

Asana Testing

Example of an experiment tasked in Asana with variation details described and phases of the test as subtasks.

To create a pipeline, use organizational management software such Asana or Confluence. You are able to manually track and create tasks or projects in these tools to facilitate your testing process. You could even use Google Docs to prioritize your tests with this spreadsheet process shared by Moz‘s Director of Growth Marketing, Andy Nelson.

However, these tools aren’t integrated with testing platforms and require additional resources just to manage a pipeline, which slows down your testing.

EE Testing Pipeline

Testing pipeline viewed within Experiment Engine’s complete testing solution.

On the Experiment Engine platform, we’ve included a testing pipeline within the solution so that users are able to collaboratively plan projects, manage test priority, and go right into execution – seamlessly in one place. The process becomes quicker and easier and your program continuously optimizes without a hitch.

  • Manage your entire testing roadmap from one place
  • Plan areas of focus to test (site touchpoints) & create project briefs
  • Queue new variations to be executed
  • Prioritize upcoming tests and find bigger lifts
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