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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Even though companies believe in data-driven approaches, many underutilize A/B testing by only running a few per year. While the occasional A/B test is a start, it’s not enough to repeatedly increase revenue and gain compounded conversion lifts. To optimize continuously, organizations must prioritize and invest in a true testing program.

According to WhichTestWon, most companies only dedicate part of a staffer’s time to testing:

Testing Staff

Time and resources are the biggest challenges in the way:

Optimization Hurdles

In a previous post, we learned from Econsultancy that companies who saw sales increases averaged 6.45 tests per month. For you to reach that average or better, you must invest time and resources into testing or find a solution that overcomes those challenges. An established program maximizes test output and gives a higher ROI. Any time spent without testing is potentially lost revenue. Turn anecdotal testing into a real optimization program now.

Our “7 Steps & Solutions to Build a Revenue-Generating Optimization Program” white paper will teach you how to:
  • Build a testing roadmap to drive continuous testing
  • Get experiments built using best channels for your business
  • Keep moving through your testing pipeline
  • Monitor status of live, running tests
  • Set testing goals and track program health to ensure added value
  • Provide executive reporting & program transparency
  • Understand projected ROI and revenue of incremental testing
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