ONA15 Sessions That Data-Driven Content Publishers Will Love

We’re on the road again! This time, the Experiment Engine team is excited to be making an appearance next week at ONA15 Los Angeles, a conferences hosted by the Online News Association. It looks to be an excellent event for publishers and we’re happy to see some great data-driven topics on the schedule.

Drop by the Experiment Engine table (in the Midway area) to say hello or to learn more about A/B testing. Don’t forget to attend our demo (listed below), and check out these other great sessions.

ONA15 Sessions Data Driven

Day 1 – Thursday, September 24

Meaningful Measurement: An Audience-First Approach to Data
11:00 AM
Beverly Hills Room
Speaker: Dana Chinn – Director, USC Media Impact Project

With the overwhelming amount of traffic data available, journalism often seems more about numbers than people. The director of USC’s Media Impact Project will explore how meaningful measurement starts with a few concepts that will help you consider your news audience.

A/B Testing Using Experiment Engine
California Ballroom
Speaker: Claire Vo, CEO of Experiment Engine

Improve user engagement, time on site, pages per session, and more by optimizing the site experience for your content. Learn how A/B testing with Experiment Engine enhances and grows your publication to make your site more valuable. Improve testing workflow, add expertise using a network of optimizers, and increase ad revenue.

Moving the Needle: What’s Your Impact?
Constellation Ballroom I
Speakers: Michael Keller, Research Fellow, NewsLynx and Caitlin Petre, Postdoctoral Associate and Knight Law and Media Fellow

That terrific story package your team just put heart and soul into — did it move your readers and viewers to tears or to action? If your answer is “Who knows?,” then this session is for you. Data experts will focus on current best practices around both qualitative and quantitative newsroom analytics, including where measures of traffic and measures of impact overlap and conflict. Case studies and resources will help you get started in your newsroom.

Day 2 – Friday, September 25

Table Talks: Audience Engagement + Impact
Beverly Hills Room
Various Speakers

Join this series of participatory conversations on various topics surrounding engagement. Choose two conversations from this list, including: “Increasing traffic 100% by knowing your audience and with your own data” and “the role of innovation and experimentation in attracting a young, digitally savvy audience”.

Day 3 – Saturday, September 26

Find the Metrics That Matter for Your Newsroom
Olympic Ballroom I
Speakers: Anjanette Delgado, Audience Analyst of Gannett and Iohud.com and Rob Gates, Audience Analyst of The (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal

So you want to identify the numbers that move your business’ bottom line AND the numbers that move your readers. You want to know how, in a sea of data, you can select a few reasonable metrics that really matter today and take action based upon what they tell you. This session will discuss what metrics matter, how they should influence your decision-making, and what metrics tools should look like in five years’ time.

UX = User + Experience
Westwood Room
Speaker: Damon Kiesow, Head of Mobile Initiatives at The McClatchy Company

Do you need to read Martin Heidegger’s “Introduction to Metaphysics” to build a great mobile user experience? No, but understanding what makes a tool “present-at-hand” is an underlying principle for the field of human computer interaction. We will look at what Heiddegger thinks about hammers, what Mark Weiser says about “effectively invisible” tools and how, as our technology becomes ever closer to us (keyboards> mice> smartphones > wearables), bad UX can become a physical assault on the senses. Find out why UX is more important than ever and how learning a bit of philosophical hermeneutics can help you design the next big thing.

See you there!