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Talking about the weather is safe, but let’s be honest, it’s never particularly interesting. Showing the same version of your website to all of your visitors is just like striking up a conversation about the weather — safe, but not particularly compelling.

Until recently, most websites have been designed to fit all visitors — taglines and imagery chosen because they resonate with the lowest common denominator. This is no longer the case.

optimizely online personalization toolkit

Download the toolkit of personalization resources to start developing your online personalization strategy today.

Personalized online experiences are outperforming generic ones and becoming more preferred by consumers. This practice of online personalization means showing more relevant, targeted content to specific segments of your visitors in order to increase key goals such as customer lifetime value, loyalty, and conversion.

To make the prospect of personalization more digestible, we have broken it down into a 4-piece toolkit.

Introducing the Personalization Toolkit

Whether you’re familiar with personalization or brand new to the practice, the resources inside this toolkit will arm your team with the knowledge to successfully tackle the first few steps of personalization. It will help set you up to deliver amazing personalized experiences to different segments of your audience. Download the toolkit today to start your personalization strategy out on the right foot.

Inside you’ll find:

A worksheet to organize your data


Before executing a personalization campaign, it’s vital to invest time in discovery and setup. This will make setting up the campaign much easier down the road. The first tool in the kit is a worksheet to align your team around the necessary data sources and inputs for personalization. To begin, take time to complete the 5 Questions to Establish a Solid Foundation for Personalization worksheet.

A worksheet to define who you’re personalizing for


Use the answers and information you gathered in the 5 Questions to complete the next worksheet, Defining Your Audiences for Personalization. Audiences are the segments of customers with shared characteristics you’re creating personalized experiences for. They are the building blocks of personalization. This worksheet explains the different ways to define actionable audiences.

An eBook to run your 1st end-to-end campaign


With audiences defined, it’s time to decide on the specific experiences you’ll deliver to each unique audience. Drawing on the first two worksheets, you will use the step-by-step eBook, How to Run Your First Personalization Campaign to set up the personalized experience.

A template to organize your campaign

When you’re ready to set up your campaign on your website, it’s extremely helpful to have a document that acts as a source of truth for the audiences and the personalized experiences. Based on our own personalization campaigns at Optimizely, we designed this Google spreadsheet template for you and your team to organize your campaigns.

Download and send us your feedback today!

This toolkit of resources is now available for download. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like us to add anything else to the toolkit to help make your personalization efforts come to life.

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