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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Every touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to win that customer’s heart and make them great. By experimenting everywhere, businesses have a powerful strategy for reorienting towards their customer as the true north, striving to iterate quickly, make improvements, and deliver customer experiences that are delightful and fuel growth.

This is a philosophy we wholeheartedly believe here at Optimizely and to that end, we’ve put together The Big Book of Experimentation Case Studies highlighting how some of the world’s leading brands are utilizing experimentation to deliver exceptional customer experiences.  

Kickstart your year with inspiration for experimentation excellence from a broad range of top companies across Retail, Travel, B2B/Technology and Media industries as well as Nonprofit Organizations. Learn how they are utilizing experimentation to drive big business impact and set themselves apart from their competitors.

Whether you are looking to improve conversion rates, redesign your website, reduce costs or increase customer acquisition and revenue per customer, The Big Book of Experimentation Case Studies has got you covered; providing proven strategies and fresh experimentation tips. A sampling of the featured case studies follows below. 

Asana Mitigates the Risk of a Dramatic Brand Departure

Asana, software designed to help teams track their work and manage projects effectively, used experimentation to mitigate risk when redesigning their website, a crucial source of new user signups. The team wanted the site to fully express their new brand, which would impact their homepage messaging, visual language, layout, calls-to-action and more.

They tested changes incrementally over the course of the 10-month redesign process within the old website framework, so that by the time launch day arrived they had tested and validated components from over 50% of the new website.

Prioritizing the Right Features on

Alex Watson, Head of Product at The Daily Telegraph, a UK broadsheet newspaper, also speaks to their experience redesigning key digital properties: “Over the last year, we’ve been replatforming and during that process we had to make many decisions about what to prioritize. Optimizely was key in helping us understand just how important performance is for engagement. Having solid data from multivariate tests meant the Product team had real confidence that the features we were prioritizing would deliver real value.”

Brooks Running Reduces the Cost of Returns

Brooks Running utilized Optimizely to test out a helpful experience targeted at shoppers likely to return a pair of shoes. The free return shipping policy is a big draw for customers, but it is a significant cost to the company. By targeting these shoppers and helping them find appropriate sizing prior to check out, Brooks Running decreased their return rate by 80%.

charity: water Increases Average Donations

charity: water is a nonprofit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. The team uses 100% of public donations to fund sustainable water solutions and have raised $200+ million to benefit 6.4+ million people in 24 countries.

Nearly all of their donations are received through online channels, so optimization is crucial to maintaining and growing revenue year over year. When a visitor makes a donation on the charity: water site, they enter how much they’d like to give in a box before providing their payment information. charity:water pre-fills the input box with a suggested donation amount. The team experimented with increasing the amount to maximize the total money raised and found that a better pre-fill for average donation size without reducing conversion rate was over double what they had initially thought.

Learn more about these case studies and see how over 30 more leading companies are executing winning experiment ideas by downloading The Big Book of Experimentation now.

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