Client-Side vs. Server-Side Experimentation

One of the most common questions that we hear about experimentation is: what’s the difference between client and server-side experimentation solutions?  More specifically, how do Optimizely X Web Experimentation and Personalization solutions differ from Optimizely X Full Stack?

The infographic below lays out the differences between visual-editor based client-side, which is best suited for marketing teams who want to optimize conversion rates on a website, and code-based server-side experimentation, which is best suited for product development teams who want to improve retention or adoption of their application.  

One clarifying point, Optimizely X Full Stack also offers client-side SDKs for web (JavaScript) and mobile (iOS and Android) but those SDKs are designed for technical teams to either help them experiment using code in the front end of their applications, and/or measure conversions that occur on the front-end from experiments that are run on server-side applications.  

Go deeper into why server-side experimentation can complement a client-side solution with this blog post: Why Experiment Server-Side?.

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