Introducing the New Optimizely Academy

In April 2014, we released our first Optiverse Academy: a short series of lessons covering some essential topics for Optimizely Classic power users. We created our first Academy because our customers wanted a way to learn how to use Optimizely, step-by-step, on their own time.

At the time, releasing an Academy was our way of committing to our customers’ growth. Over the years, we’ve iterated on our Academy in response to our customers’ evolving onboarding, certification, and continual growth needs.

The fact is, today’s experimentation teams are more complex than they were even a few years ago. A quick series of text-based lessons for a power user isn’t enough to enable large enterprises driving culture change in their organizations. Now, it’s incredibly important to enable different roles on the experimentation team, and to build key strategic, analytical, and program management skills that deliver increased ROI. Not only that, but Optimizely is a far different platform than it was three years ago. We now offer a suite of Full Stack products, Personalization, and more to come. Educational materials that help users get up to speed in these areas have to be engaging and interactive.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce our new Optiverse Academy and Certification platform. We’ve reimagined the learning and certification experience so that it will be easier for our customers and partners to discover the right content for them, and prepare for certifications. In our new platform, you’ll see new learning paths that guide you through key sets of skills. Our customers will also have easier access to Academy Live courses, where participants can learn together with the aid of an Optimizely expert facilitator.

Our new platform features brand-new content and videos, and will also give us a way to offer more interactive, hands-on experiences that are proven through research to improve learning retention. After all, if you’re actually practicing a skill, you’re more likely to remember it later. It will also be home to new courses and certifications for our evolving product line — Personalization, Full Stack, and more — so that more roles across the organization will have a way to learn and test their skills.

To summarize, here are some of the things you can look forward to in our new Academy:

  • An improved, easier-to-use, interface
  • Academy, Academy Live, and Certification are now all in one place
  • New learning paths that help you discover sets of courses around key skills and activities
  • New content, case studies, video, and quizzes to help you check your skills
  • New certification paths for Full Stack, Personalization, Strategy, and more
  • More courses and certifications to be released over the next few months