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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Welcome to Digital Change Agents — a new webinar series from Optimizely. Tune in for an inside look at world-class experimentation teams.

The marketer’s role is changing. And it’s changing fast. In an increasingly digital world where competition is fierce, it’s not enough to simply rely on hunches to drive us forward. We must replace digital guesswork with evidence-based optimization.

Companies that continuously test new messaging, product features, and user experiences will provide the best business outcomes, and outperform their competitors. You may be familiar with the concept of A/B testing – well, digital experience optimization takes this to an entirely new level.  Organizations today use digital experience optimization to transform into a “continuous learning organization.”

In the past, only a few companies — Amazon, Facebook, and Google — made this a fundamental business practice, launching tens of thousands of experiments each day. Fast forward to 2018 and experimentation is becoming the new normal for a digital business. From digital-first companies like Atlassian, to industry leaders like Visa, we are seeing a sense of urgency to build out a dedicated digital experience optimization team.

This series will provide an inside look into the experimentation programs at these leading companies, as they share essential advice for transforming testing culture.

Take a look below and find the session that’s right for you:

From Testing Hero to Experimentation Program — Lessons in Moving Up the Maturity Curve

Join Better Decisions with Experimentation to learn how Atlassian was able to scale their program to experiment. In this webinar, Atlassian’s Head of eCommerce, Tom Tsao will show you some of their biggest wins and how he is structuring his team.

Testing in a Highly Regulated Industry

Join the Journey to a Culture of Experimentation to learn how Visa thinks about experimentation. Ramkumar Ravichandran has been running A/B tests for almost ten years. In this session he will share best practices for experimenting, without compromising security.

Running a Program Across Many Brands

Wolverine Worldwide is the parent company of twelve iconic retail brands including Sperry, Keds, and Saucony. Join Conducting the Experimentation Orchestra to learn how they have rolled out  a new framework for testing across brands with Optimizely solutions partner, Clearhead.

Can’t make the live event? We’ve got you covered. Each webinar will be recorded and available on demand after the session. Simply sign up so we know you’re interested and we’ll send you a link to the recording so you don’t miss a beat.


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