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Tips & Tricks for Building Your Experimentation Program

Unsurprisingly, personalization is one of the most-discussed marketing topics of recent times.  There are a multitude of companies proclaiming that they create personalized experiences–it can be quite challenging to sort through these claims and understand what technologies will deliver truly personalized customer experiences that add value to the bottom line.

Personalized experiences allow organizations to engage better with their customers, build brand loyalty and ultimately increase revenue. Recognizing that the right experience is not the same for everyone and taking steps to personalize your customers’ experience is integral to business.  

So how do personalization and experimentation work together? Over the last 10 years, we at Optimizely have witnessed customers succeed in creating personalized experiences, especially when experimentation is core to their mentality. They are focused on iterating and learning from what works and continuously testing to see what resonates with their customers. Additionally, they derive their personalization campaign ideas based on learnings from their A/B Tests. AeroMexico, for example, has developed personalization campaign ideas from successful experiments, leading to an increase in customer conversions. Successful customers take to heart that the winning experience is not the same for everyone.  They understand that experimentation is core to determining the winning experience for any individual.

Optimizely X has hosted over 5,000 personalization campaigns in the past year from a multitude of customers including UK clothing retailer Missguided.  These campaigns have translated into curated, personalized experiences for millions of customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and engagement.  Interested in how you can personalize your customers’ experience? Download our new whitepaper to gain insights on how personalization and experimentation fit together, and how to deliver more impactful personalized experiences.

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